Safe fitness

Dear Clients,

thank you for the excellent cooperation you will give us in proving that you are infection-free. We are very glad that you are on the same wavelength as we are and that we are all working together for a SAFE FIT.

In addition to 100% compliance with government regulations, our company also goes above and beyond all regulations and laws to ensure maximum hygiene and infection free staff, cleaning and trainers. All of the above mentioned follow the same rules as you – our dear clients.

If any colleague is not vaccinated or has not contracted covid, they will be checked daily with an antigen test performed at our facility.

We thank you for willingly submitting apps on your cell phone with information about your infection-free status, willingly getting tested at our facility if necessary, wearing respirators in areas not designated for exercise, and disinfecting machines, used equipment, or lying around. Thank you!

This is the only way we can do everything together! We want to stay open and in such a guarded mode, we can prove that we are truly safe as a fitness facility!

Thank you for your support. We appreciate it!

Premier Fitness team

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