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For most of us, it’s the least favorite part of our training, and many people even skip it altogether. But did you know it’s one of the most important parts?

Stretching is primarily used to prepare our muscles for training and not damage them during the workout. At Premier Fitness, there are two dedicated areas for this: the so-called yoga zone and the ladder zone, where you can thoroughly prepare for your workout and finish it at the same time.

So what should an ideal workout look like?

  1. Dynamic stretching – the part where we prepare the muscles for exercise with active but controlled movements. It is a more dynamic and faster type of stretching. There can be variations of jumps, lunges and even joint circles.
  2. The training itself
  3. Static stretching – the part where we stretch the muscles by stretching and staying in a certain position for 15-30 seconds. This is definitely a slower type of stretching.
    How are you doing? Do you stretch honestly before and after your workout every time?

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