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How to start

Lack of exercise, sedentary job, poor diet, or are you often tired and out of sorts? Regular movement, sports activity is the best solution. After a few weeks you will be a new person full of energy and the changes in your figure will be visible very soon. Forget about “New Year’s” resolutions and start now.

Comprehensive and varied movement is ideal. Our Premier Fitness branch meets all requirements and everyone will find their favourite activity here. From the complete beginner to professional athletes. Are you worried about the fitness center? Have you never been here before? What will I do there? How are the machines used? What is a class and what is the ideal class to start with? What to wear? Won’t others look at me strangely if I have a few extra pounds?” All shame and worry aside. We will try to explain how it works here and how you can start exercising without fear and prejudice.

Premier Fitness is a very “friendly” sports complex. We are truly visited by all ages right up to clients of retirement age. Everyone is welcome and everyone here is respectful of others. Everyone started out once. And it doesn’t matter whether you’re exercising or learning to drive.

1) What to pack in your bag?

Athletic comfortable clothes, athletic shoes, a small towel to keep with you at all times when you exercise, a small lock to lock your locker and a bottle of drink. The lock can also be borrowed from reception for a small fee and water or another sports drink can be purchased at the bar.

2) I’m going to Premier Fitness for the first time

Your first visit to the fitness centre is through reception. The receptionist introduces the new client to the system, who fills in a short GDPR form. Our friendly staff will guide the client through and show them all the facilities we offer as a complex… They will also recommend what a beginner could use to start their regular regime, which classes are suitable for this or what machines are used for what in the gym. It is very important to us that the client feels good from the first moment. The reception is always on hand, for any further questions even during the visit.

3) What are the entry options at Premier Fitness

You can pay for a single entry to try our branch. We also of course offer discounted unlimited memberships or season passes. The reception will certainly advise which is the most advantageous for you personally. You can also use your Multisport card, pay with Sodexo vouchers (FlexiPass), Unišek, Edenred or have your invoice from your employer reimbursed through the FKSP or Benefit Plus fund, which can provide you with these funds.

4) I’m logged in at the reception and I go to the gym

You go to the locker room where you choose any locker you want. The locker is always for one visit and its rental is of course free. If the client wishes to keep his locker permanently and not take things away, the locker rental costs 500 CZK / month. You change your clothes, lock the locker and go to practice. Showers, toilets, hairdryers, soaps – all this is available in the locker rooms. From the locker room you go to the open gym area.

5) What activities Premier Fitness offers

Gym /Gym on an area of 850 m2 with state-of-the-art machines from Technogym and yoga zones.

Would you like to see the facilities at your leisure, talk about the possibilities and prepare an individual offer for you, your family or a friend? Would you like advice on an activity just for you? If so, we can arrange a personal appointment via reception. Simply email and we will look forward to seeing you at the arranged time.

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Premier Fitness is a modern gym located in Pilsen Plaza shopping center. It has been built in cooperation with the prestigious manufacturer of fitness machines Technogym.


Premier Fitness

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